Thursday, August 25, 2005

Royal space halves and has it not, oh no!

So - who is geeked about Mates of State rolling through Ames on 28 Sep? I AM!

They'll be at the Maintenance Shop. Bad news, crazy's all ages. Mind your manners, and watch the public urination.

Their mad sound be teaching my nine-month-old C-Dog how to move since he was just a few days old. Since it's an AA show, maybe I get him up there, maybe I get him back stage, maybe I get a snapshot of MoS holding him. Maybe I just bring back an autograph for his scrapbook.

Until then, check out their available downloads from Polyvinyl.

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2poppy said...

Sweet. That with Green Day on the 17th in Des Moines would make for a great September. Tom Petty in July. Paul McCartney in October. Damn, Central Iowa is a great place for big music all of a sudden. Now we just need New Pornos to come through, and perhaps Matthew Sweet and Guster, and I'd be a happy man.