Monday, November 10, 2014

Better Watch Your Step

PPL MVR. Shit is getting weird.

Who? What? Why? Why not.

I have strong guesses for their true identities, but I'll play along. PPL MVR is SNBLL, K-PO, and Q. Naturally. Fun fun. Thump thump.

Free download available from their official site below. And they're signed to Atlantic Records. Sure.

Official Site | Atlantic |

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I’d be grateful if you’d consider reviewing singer-songwriter, Mark Britton’s new album, Odds and Sodd.

So far reviewers are quoted as saying:

“Each [a] rock solid cut of power pop with an obvious amount of skill and care poured into them”

“Britton knows how to write a strong hook, and he knows how to deliver it”

“Strong power pop like this doesn’t come along often, so it’s a true treasure when it comes around this well crafted"

The album can be streamed on Soundcloud:

The album can be bought on iTunes and is available on CD Baby.

A press pack is available here