Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sing A Joyful Tune

I had a discussion with my kids today about the virtues of vinyl records. My 13-year-old is nearly convinced, but my 11-year-old has a ways to go. Of course it would help to actually get a record player so my dusty LPs from my teens can get some use. I digress.

Today Brandon Schott and An American Underdog (aka Andy Reed) release four perfect-pop gems on their new EP reasonably titled The A/B EP. An American Underdog's The Show Goes On and Good Girl grace Side A while Brandon Schott's Henry and Verdugo Park (Part 2) carry the load on Side B. It's well documented here how much we value Brandon and it's a thrill that he's really tapped into his poppy parts that we heard emerge front and center with his last full-length 13 Satellites. An American Underdog is a revelation and new to me. I've read his 2011 release Always On The Run is a must yet here I am without. The shame.

All four tunes will be on their respective forthcoming full-length albums so this is just an enticing taste of what's to come. The Show Goes On is absolute gold and I'm in love. If someone asked me what a perfect pop song sounds like, that would be a fair answer. Good Girl proves that a marriage between the musical echoes of Elliott Smith and Jeff Lynne is very welcome. Henry is the Penny Lane we knew Brandon had in him. It's pure Beatley joy emanating from the headphones. And Verdugo Park (Part 2) is a bit moodier and suggests a cliffhanger for what's next. I can't wait to hear.

So back to vinyl. In retrospect it was less a digression and more of a set-up. I can't imagine a more appropriate format than vinyl for this release that is so deeply steeped in vinyl's golden age yet such a breath of fresh air. The 7-inch vinyl edition is limited to only 100 copies! Have a power pop fanatic in your life that you think has heard it all? This will blow them away. You can settle for the digital version as well, which is how I've been enjoying it, but these four tunes have inspired me to share a now unique musical experience with my kids that may elevate their love of music to record heights. Pun intended.

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See AMERICAN UNDERDOG on YouTube here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd-Wyo7Mrd4