Monday, September 09, 2013

Now We're Staring At A Screen

After way too much breathless, net-driven hype, Arcade Fire has finally debuted Reflektor, the first single from the upcoming album Reflektor. The tune has a great vibe and sounds best on headphones, particularly to appreciate David Bowie's contribution. Yep.

The video is long, interesting, and a bit nightmarish. Watch it here or below. There's also an interactive experience here, which I could not experience because I don't use Chrome. WTF-ever. The whole effort pushes Arcade Fire to their natural pretentious boundaries and many may not have the patience. It's definitely "gotta-be-in-the-right-mood" music and it's not quite as instant as The Suburbs' Sprawl II, but I dig it on first impression.

Pre-order Reflektor here, to be released October 29. Paste was all over it today, btw.

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