Monday, March 19, 2012

Keep It In Line

Guided By Voices' new single Keep It In Motion is out today. You can stream it below. If you've ever tried to write a song, it's ok to hate GBV for how effortless they make it seem. It's hard not to thoroughly enjoy their seemingly unfinished lo-fi gems. Stick around for the last five seconds of the song. They're my favorite five seconds.

The new album by the classic lineup is out in June and is called Class Clown Spots a UFO. Naturally. Two new albums within six months - not bad for a band that broke up. Buy the single here or here. Their December release Let's Go Eat the Factory is available for download here.


sweetdiss said...

Love that song!

I was wondering how one goes about getting a review/write-up on your fine blogstablishment?

- Nate

Squishy said...

Love the song. The last 5 seconds were overhyped. :)