Monday, February 06, 2012

Nothing To Prove

Natalie Portman promised me The Shins would change my life. They haven't. After that adorable overstatement in Garden State, very few tunes would have the power to live up to that hype. Nonetheless The Shins caught on in a big way for a few years in the aughts but never really wowed me.

Fast forward to 2012 and bang, Simple Song achieves what no Shins' song has achieved before ... it wows me. I suppose it's no great departure from their previous tunage and maybe I was turned off from the hype in the first place. Maybe I respected James Mercer's Broken Bells tangent enough to perk up. I should go back and spend quality time with what has come before. In the meantime, Simple Song will be in heavy rotation while I anxiously await their fourth album Port of Morrow out next month.

Pre-order the album and get Simple Song instantly - the magic of the Interwebs.

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