Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're Too Busy Singing

Beatles Beatles Beatles. It's always about the Beatles. Well, they did set the gold standard and they still continue to milk it.

Paul McCartney's pornographically-named Kisses on the Bottom comes out in two weeks. It's a covers collection featuring tunes that influenced Macca himself as well as a couple new ones. Methinks this one didn't make the cut...

Ringo is quite the prolific cat. The unimaginatively-named Ringo 2012 is out next week. Here's hoping the music is a bit more inspired than the name and artwork (seriously, Ringo, flashing the peace sign again?!)

And finally and perhaps most interestingly, George Harrison('s estate) is releasing an iPad app called The Guitar Collection, which "brings George Harrison's personal guitar collection to life."

The George Harrison Guitar Collection from George Harrison on Vimeo.

The Beatles continue to rock our world. Hallelujah.

John? Hello? Oh, hey, Julian.

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Hooks and Harmony said...

I'm really torn about this new McCartney album. I mean, this is what he's good at - standards, Tin Pan Alley material - but it plays right into the critics' complaints that he writes "granny music." It's also a little too much like Rod Stewart's career path. We'll see.