Thursday, September 22, 2011

Someone Tell Me Why

I'm convinced that Guided By Voices is one of the only bands that could actually release the rare and elusive perfect pop album. The problem -if it is one- is that they have the knack for creating unfinished masterpieces not unlike McCartney in the mid-70s. Macca used to stick three unfinished tunes together to make a medley pretending to be one song. GbV however happily releases their one minute gems as stand-alones. So I was a bit bummed hearing they had called it a day, but after touring together again we should've seen this coming...

GbV's "classic" lineup is releasing a brand new LP likely full of 21 brilliant half-songs called Let's Go Eat the Factory on 1/1/12. Paste has the tracklist. Get ready to relish in the fleeting perfection.

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