Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All The Good That We Do

Unbelievably it's been over a decade since Julian Lennon released his pleasant, Beatley Photograph Smile. Prolific he's not. So it's good news that you can now pre-order his next release called Everything Changes (not to be confused with one of my favorites Change Everything by Del Amitri). No official artwork or previews are out quite yet,

Hey, Jude's new album comes out 10/4 via import for us dirty Americans (his native UK friends get it on 9/26).

Tracklist (according to

1. Everything Changes
2. Lookin' for Luv
3. Hold On
4. Touch the Sky
5. Invisible
6. Just for You
7. Always
8. Disconnected
9. Never Let You Go
10. Guess It Was Me
11. Don't Wake me Up
12. Beautiful
Check out the rough mix of the title track here. Very nice.

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