Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank You Friends

In celebration of Record Store Day tomorrow, Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul and Brandon Schott have released a cover version of Big Star's Thank You Friend. It's a very limited download for the first 200 fans here! Quite nice, but I would not have expected any less.

Big Star is also celebrating the bygone era of record store glory with a test pressing vinyl release of Third (from which Thank You Friend comes). Other notable releases include Bruce Springsteen, Built to Spill, Crowded House, Death Cab for Cutie, Fistful of Mercy, Fleet Foxes, Foo Fighters, Green Day/Husker Du (!!), Nirvana, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., The dBs, The Flaming Lips, and the like (not the band). See a full list here.

Many of the releases are exclusive to Record Store Day and quite rare. A few bands make the product available after, but many don't. Lines have been known to form early in the day so go to your favorite local shop and support a dying breed for at least one more day! I'll be hitting Zzz at some point tomorrow!

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