Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's Sweet and It's Sad and It's True

R.E.M. has released a new "lyric video" for new tune Oh My Heart. Check it out below. Sounds like it would fit in nicely on Automatic for the People, which bodes well for the new album Collapse Into Now.

R.E.M. is also generously giving away another new tune, Discoverer, for the cheap price of your email address. Go here to sign up and get the free download!

Finally, dig deeper into the artistic mind of Michael Stipe at his new tumblr site: Confessions of a Michael Stipe.

The full court marketing press is on for Collapse Into Now out March 8. More to come I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

holy sh*t. rem just keeps getting worse and worse. they used to be one of my favorite bands, but since the monster debacle, it's all been downhill.

2poppy said...

I can't completely disagree because each album has had its moments, but there has yet to be a complete album that matches anything pre-Monster.