Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Which Fire Is The Fire That Calls You Out Into The Light?

Yesterday was what we'd call in the Too Poppy universe Super Tuesday. My checking account certainly couldn't keep up with the must-own new releases so I started off with The Posies' Blood/Candy (iTunes, Amazon MP3) and Gin Blossoms' No Chocolate Cake (iTunes, Amazon MP3). Both bands have been with me for nearly two decades now so they've earned it. After one listen, Blood/Candy is as stellar as I was hoping after I first heard Licenses to Hide. Suffice it to say that I think this is their best album since Frosting on the Beater - and every album since has been pretty damn good by most standards. On the other hand, after one listen I think No Chocolate Cake could've been called No Killer Tune. It's a nice but very safe Gin Blossoms album. I mostly like when they put away their mid-tempo AC tunes and turn on the power pop juice. So far I think this one could use more rocking out.

Only one listen each for both though so my thoughts could change. Gin Blossoms could be a slow-grower - I hope so - and The Posies could wear thin quickly - I highly doubt that.

Other notable new releases...

Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue (iTunes, Amazon MP3)
Pete Yorn - Self-Titled (produced by Frank Black!) (iTunes, Amazon MP3)
Neil Young - Le Noise (produced by Daniel Lanois!) (iTunes, Amazon MP3)
Eric Clapton - Clapton (iTunes, Amazon MP3)
Phil Collins - Going Back - uh, no

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Anonymous said...

Two decades? Crap, I'm old.

Posies is brilliant, well worth the wait. Gin Blossoms get better after a couple of listens, but I agree that there should be some more rockers.