Thursday, August 05, 2010

I'm Feeling So Old, So Old

Chills! The first tune from The Posies' upcoming Blood/Candy has emerged courtesy of Spin and it is epic.
"Licenses to Hide" is emblematic of the new album's adventurous attitude, with a dizzying amalgamation of parts, not unlike a piece of musical theater. After opening with a somber, piano-led musing, where Stringfellow delivers a line about "feeling so old" backed by the Posies' trademark, chill-inducing harmonies (with an assist from Broken Social Scene's Lisa Lobsinger), the track veers into both '70s arena rock (think Styx, in a very complimentary way) and a Billy Joel-like, storyteller-style chorus.
Hmm, Styx? Billy Joel? How about Jellyfish?! Seems to have a totally different sound than what you'd expect from The Posies, but really, it's not that far off. Now I'm very excited about Blood/Candy - out September 28.

Stream it only at Spin.


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Anonymous said...

Chills indeed. Add to the list some Wings, maybe around the London Town album, give or take. Not the whole song sounds that way of course, but snippet or two here and there. Awesome.