Tuesday, July 06, 2010

U Hate It

Liz Phair unexpectedly released a new album called Funstyle this weekend on her website, which has already earned a "WTF" and a "batshit weird" rush to judgment from Pitchfork. I haven't had a chance to hear it for myself, but if they think it's batshit weird, it must be pretty out there.

To go from commercially overproduced in 2005 to head-scratching DIY today might be the epitome of an overreaction. Regardless, her self-titled album remains one of my favorite summer albums despite the fact that it pissed off a lot of phans from the early days.

Funstyle is available via download for $5.99.

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My hmphs said...

Given the fact that I've hated everything she's done since "Exile in Guyville," this might be a good thing...