Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Still Have Faith

The band Live split up last year and even though it was originally meant to be temporary so individual members could do their own thing, it sounds acrimoniously permanent according to Wikipedia. Many of the problems stem from former frontman Ed Kowalczyk, who has always been a bit polarizing because of he constantly walks that fine line between sincerity ("we will all learn to appreciate the beauty of gray") and insufferableness ("can you hear the dolphin's cry"). I'll let you read about it for yourself.

Ed's solo album Alive (get it?) was officially released today and has inspired to declare it "the biggest, boldest music" from Ed since the unquestionable classic Throwing Copper. I gave up on Live a few albums ago and after testing the waters with the video for Grace I'm not sure I'm ready to dive back in.

Any thoughts? Recommended?

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clark helliar said...

I have loved LIVE since the days of Mental Jewellery. Not having heard anything from the band for a while it was a real blast to hear the power and inspiration of "you were wrong I still have faith". No one can sing like Ed Kowalczyk. I was also extremely sad to hear they had broken. I hate greed and ego. Ego the worst.