Tuesday, July 20, 2010


September 28. Mark it, Posies fans. Yep, brand new album: Blood/Candy!

“We subscribe to the ‘evolve or perish’ philosophy,” co-founder Jon Auer says in a statement. "We directed ourselves to new places with this recording and tried not to travel down familiar paths when it could be avoided. Expect the unexpected.”
Hmm. Intrigued. Anxious. Nervous. Can't wait.

Plastic Paperbacks
The Glitter Prize
Licenses To Hide
So Caroline
Take Care Of Yourself
Cleopatra Street
For The Ashes
Accidental Architecture
She’s Coming Down Again!
Notion 99
Holiday Hours

Check out Spain tour dates here. As they used to say in the news biz, we'll have more as this story unfolds.

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