Friday, May 07, 2010

How Is the Bridge We Built?

Modern Skirts of Athens have a new album but need your help in getting it released. Kickstarter is an innovative online tool to help projects like this get the funding they need. The Skirts are willing to reward you for your generosity with the album, EPs, vinyl, autographs, etc. depending on your level of commitment.

The rough timeline is to release an EP of 4 or 5 songs in July and then get the complete album out in November, with the interim giving us time to publish our podcasts, make music videos, and hopefully have some other cool ideas as companions to the EP/album that we can incorporate. The more we can raise, the better; that means more music videos, more tour support, better equipment, and if there's any left over, maybe more studio time.
Great concept. It's a new world, music fans. Check out more details here.


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