Tuesday, January 05, 2010

You Wore Our Expectations Like an Armored Suit

Is R.E.M.'s Monster the "most toxic used CD of all time? One writer recounts his seven-year journey to find a buyer for the multi-platinum hit.

“Nope, too many of those” and “Oh, hell no” were the common responses.
I suppose many buyers were hoping to hear Man on the Moon and Everybody Hurts again. Instead they were treated to Crush With Eyeliner and Bang and Blame. Sure, Monster was no Automatic for the People (few albums come close), but it's certainly a keeper!

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Steven said...

great article. I wonder how many promotional copies were distributed by the record company when Monster was first released...and how many of those promos are the ones sitting in used bins. I've always been pretty hit and miss with REM but Monster is one of their albums that I really enjoy I'm surprised that it has become "toxic". Then again - the masses tend to buy what they are told they "need" as opposed to what they actually like - so I guess it's not too surprising. I'm sure you would have trouble unloading copies of Hootie or Spin Doctors records as well. I'm equating REM with those bands based on quantities sold..not talent level :)