Friday, January 08, 2010

I Don't Know Why I Dream This Way

It's rare to find another House of Love fan let alone a blog post about them complete with a bootleg! The House of Love was one of my favorite bands during my formative years because they could be majestic and moody, noisy and melodic all in the same breath. The brilliance of Shine On is unquestionable - it would easily make a top ten list of my favorite songs of all time (minus Beatles naturally).

Popdose made me smile this evening. Enjoy this performance from 1990, which was recorded during their peak.

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Steven said...

Great band! I really loved their Audience With The Mind album (though I was in the minority). I got to see them perform live with The Catherine Wheel. I think it was billed as "The Fontana Tour" Both bands were fantastic! I believe Ocean Colour Scene was on the bill as well but I didn't see them.