Friday, December 04, 2009

Nobody Can Deny That There's Something There is premiering a new radio series online called Here, There and Everywhere.

Chapter One of this radio series features exclusive new interviews with Brian Wilson, Tom Petty, director Cameron Crowe, Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart), Dave Grohl, Mark Ronson and Slash, as they reveal the influence of The Beatles on their careers....
Ask Me Why and Beatles on the Record will come in subsequent weeks. Coolness.

In other Beatles news I missed, a songwriter from Liverpool has finished a Harrison throwaway:
In the ‘60s, Harrison penned the fist 10 lines of his then-new song, "Silence (Is It’s Own Reply)," on a scrap piece of paper, which was discarded on the floors of the Abbey Road studio.

The lyrics Harrison scribbled on the paper (which contained directions to Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s house on the other side) read: “I’m happy to say that it’s only a dream / When I come across people like you / It’s only a dream and you make it obscene / With the things that you think and you do / You’re so unaware of the pain that I bear / And jealous for what you can’t do.”
Listen to the finished work by Dean Johnson (and the silent Beatle) here. Via Paste.

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Steven said...

can somebody please find me some throwaway Lennon or McCartney lyrics that I can finish? Heck, I'll take some Ringo lyrics!