Friday, October 16, 2009

We'd All Love to See the Plan

Not LameEarlier this week Bruce, the Not Lame guy, sent out a cryptic message about the future of his passion project.

So let me cycle back to the beginning of this message. In 2010, some big events coming from me. Huge, in fact. One of them, transformational for many thousands of music fans far beyond this Not Lame world(but you will be the first to know). Quote me. Haunt me with that boldness, I'm game. I'm a fighter and I love a challenge. At the least, I've got skin in the game of my life and pushing to new challenges always. But changes are.....afoot and well under way. Not easy ones but necessary....and still awesome, exciting ones. Keep on supporting what Not Lame is doing *now* and in the coming months. Why? matters.
No idea what any of this means. I've always been impressed by how Not Lame somehow keeps afloat, but something's obviously going on. Hope it's all good news.

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