Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Am In Paradise

Peter Gabriel is working on a covers album that evidently features some interesting choices:

01. "Heroes" - David Bowie
02. "Street Spirit" - Radiohead
03. "The Book Of Love" - Magnetic Fields
04. "Flume" - Bon Iver
05. "My Body Is A Cage" - Sara Lov
06. "Listening Wind" - Talking Heads
07. "I Think It's Going To Rain Today" - Randy Newman
08. "Apres Moi"
09. "Waterloo Sunset" - The Kinks
10. "The Boy In The Bubble" - Paul Simon
11. "The Power Of The Heart" - Lou Reed
12. "Philadelphia" - Bruce Springsteen
13. "Mirrorball" - Elbow
It's also being called a "song swap," which the BBC reports may mean that Gabriel's covers album will come out first next year and then the artists covering Gabriel may be released monthly online. The concept is great and the song selection is stellar. I can't wait to hear his "acoustic ... orchestral" covers.

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