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Brandon Schott - Strawberry Fields ForeverBrandon Schott - Homegrown Recordings
Vol. 8 - Strawberry Fields Forever

Read on and you'll discover this will be the final volume of Homegrown Recordings - at least the final of Season 1! Brandon has blessed us these last eight months with some incredible recordings. Thank you. I hope you kept up and enjoyed every single volume. Hopefully we'll do it again soon. In the meantime, go download Dandelion when it's released September 29. It is more than worthy of your attention.

"Greetings Too Poppy nation! I trust you all had a marvelous Labor Day, and are settling back into the school year nicely. Speaking of school - my family and I have been joining the rest of the country in rediscovering The Beatles together this past week. We bought the Stereo Box together last week (the mono was sold out - drat!), and after a modest speech by yours truly about the dwindling appreciation for album art and packaging, we busted open the set and have been slowly listening to the catalog in chronological order. Every morning, my oldest, Tyler, gets to open a new disc out of the big black vertical box that sits near our piano, crack open the sealing and thumb through the booklets while the music pours out of the stereo (or the car speakers). "OH! Daddy, I know this one! AHHHHHH" he shouted as "TWIST AND SHOUT ramped up. I even got my three year old, Harper, singing along to PLEASE PLEASE ME, "C'mon - COME ON, C'mon - COME ON!!" It's been an amazing trip, and to think this could be one of their earliest memories is well worth the price of admission. Anyway, in light of all this I recorded my own stripped down version of STRAWBERRY FIELDS FORVER on Sunday morning that I thought I'd share with you here. Enjoy!

I believe this may be the last download for a while as I turn my attention to getting Dandelion out into the world - let's call it the end of Season 1! The video series will continue, on or about the 10th of every month, so keep your eyes peeled here at or my youtube page ( Thanks SO much for all your support. Please spread the word about Dandelion, and don't be a stranger!! Drop me a line and let me know what you thought of this series, or perhaps what you'd like to see in the future. Until our paths cross again, thanks *so* much for your support! Hope to see you again soon!

Much love,
MP3: Brandon Schott - Strawberry Fields Forever (you missed it - bummer!)
Video: Brandon Schott - Fire Season

New album DANDELION out September 29.

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