Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wonder of Wonders

Tim Christensen - SuperiorA simple Twitter request garnered one response, but it was a doozy! A couple weeks ago I tweeted for any new music recommendations for an upcoming road trip. The one and only Brandon Schott replied I should pick up Tim Christensen's Superior. Who? What? Ok.

Hands down this is the best album I've heard yet this year. It is remarkably free of the trappings of any certain genre or era. Christensen fearlessly takes on power pop, folk, rock, pop and transcends his singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist label. In other words, it is absolutely timeless.

With such deliberate attention to melody, instruments, lyrics, and album flow, and with a simple voice that is both appealing and interesting, comparisons to the likes of Michael Penn are all too easy. Mike Viola's appearance on the title track is also not lost on someone who is casually obsessed with pop music. And naturally I'm not surprised that Brandon Schott is a fan. But after listening to the album several times through, I can't help but think Superior reaches as high as the Finnosphere, where Mr. Crowded House himself must smile with approval. In other words, Superior leaves me feeling as satisfied as I do after spending quality time with the House's high-water mark Woodface. Yes indeed, it is that good.

The pop blast of Hard to Make You Mine and the sentimentality of Wonder of Wonders anchors the spectrum of quality and variety in this one album, but I have become extremely partial to the haunting India. When you experience a deep visceral response to an album you know you're dealing with something extraordinary.

Superior is extraordinary.


Shaun May (England) said...

If you think this is good you need to check out the other two "Secrets on Parade" and "Honeyburst" Even better than this IMO!
Also had the pleasure of seeing them live for the filming of the Live at Abbey Road DVD

Tim said... liked it?