Friday, August 14, 2009

Waking Up With Urine in Your Bed

Modern Skirts are working on a new album and here are the latest notes from their most recent recording session:

American Gothic - The solo in the middle is air horns and bees

Man of the Cloth - About a DUI; the live version requires we all play drums

Bumper Car - 80’s coke rock; “Dictionary good, really good”

Sudafed - “Sunday morning, waking up with urine in your bed”

Hot Nights - Smells like Copenhagen and White Rain; maybe a hint of Drakkar Noir

Waco, TX - Sexy love song about two people who grew up in the Branch Dividian compound

Happy 81 - “Old bones hug old bones, forgive, let’s take a bubble bath”

Tape Deck - Old style Skirts harmonies drizzled over electric thrusting, like pouring caramel syrup over a jackhammer set on low-n-slow

Ship Shape - “Party girl can party”

Jane Child - Love song to an 80’s one hit wonder

Hitler on Wheels - A bad man contemplates bad things

Bridges and Overpasses - King of the hobos leads a chorus of his minions; it’s good to be king

2.5 Kids - There's no such thing as ordinary people; just ask Jesus when he gets to the party

Glass of Water - It hurts in the 21st century; it hurts just this way
Man, I really hope some of these make the cut! No release date set. Download Modern Skirts via iTunes.

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