Thursday, July 09, 2009

We Shine Like Potential on an Unimagined Day

Jon Auer - Songs From the Year of Our DemiseListen up, Dubuquers. You people in northeast Iowa will be treated to something special tonight. Given that I am 3+ hours away, have a day job, and am not the young buck I once was, I must live vicariously through you. Jon Auer has found a break in his tour of bigger cities with Fountains of Wayne to return to your fine city:

[T]he Silver Dollar recently announced that Jon Auer will make a special appearance at the Cantina, Thursday, July 9. Those who missed his previous show might want to get there early as anyone who witnessed it will surely be there on the ninth.
Evidently back in 06 he blew everyone away. Naturally. Enjoy the show for me.

Here are the other dates for his tour with FoW. And you must acquire his solo masterpiece Songs for the Year of Our Demise. It is my favorite album of the past five years. Favorite.

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