Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sing His Praises

Paul McCartney is on the verge of becoming a curmudgeon. I wasn't too impressed with his interview last night on Letterman. Lately he seems to swing back and forth between annoying goofball and crotchety old man. I'm sure he's tired of answering the same ol' questions, but Letterman handled him with respect, admiration, and humor. McCartney hardly reciprocated in kind.

That said, his performance on the marquee was well executed. He played Get Back and Sing the Changes on the show, but there was more to it than that:

Craig Ferguson's inevitable follow-up FTW!

As for this nonsense, cut it out. There's absolutely nothing controversial about a teleprompter.


Anonymous said...

I thought Sir Paul did fine. You made it sound like he was a douche or something. He was a normal guest on a late night variety show.

2poppy said...

I never called him a douche or something, yet I stand by my assessment.