Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is Full of Living

Bleu - A Watched PotToday marks the release of Bleu's long-awaited new album A Watched Pot. Download it from iTunes or Amazon, or get physical copies from Not Lame (w/bonus EP) or Newbury Comics (w/autograph).

He's playing with Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Mike Viola, and the Rooney rhythm section - collectively known as Mogul - tonight at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood! Those Hollywood bums have all the luck.

Here's what Roger said is on tap tonight:

The 4 songs I will be playing with the band are: That is Why, Sebrina Paste & Plato, The Land of Pure Imagination, and a song that Bleu and I recently wrote called Everything Is Fine.
Excuse me for awhile - I need to somehow lift my jaw from the floor.


Unknown said...

The show was magical!

powerpopsquare said...

Finally this great album is released! Hope it'll be promoted well :-)