Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sad Sad Story Indeed

Love Bang - The Rule of 72'sIf you ever need a reminder of how freakin' cool Not Lame is, get a load of their latest find: Love Bang!

Love Bang is the unreleased project that Eric Dover of Jellyfish finished before joining J-fish.
Not Lame goes on to describe it as a ballsier Crowded House full of Beatles and Jellyfish. Judging from the clips they posted, that description seems spot on. And what a great back story:
Recorded at Ardent Studios at great expense, major labels made offers `substantial ones` but, for whatever reasons, they were not accepted. In fact, one offer to Charisma Records, soon to be the home of Jellyfish, was rejected because their A&R man said they had just signed a band with a very similar sound.
Man, just imagine how many other 'almosts' are out there waiting for Not Lame to discover them. This seems to be a required purchase for any self-respecting Jellyfish fanatic, and we know because we are.

Buy now from Not Lame!


Aaron said...

So I guess this means Jellyfish fans have another well to draw from. I haven't heard this yet, but is it anything like Dover's solo effort "Sextus"?

Bruce Brodeen said...

Hey Too Poppy!

Not Lame guy here - flowing streams 'o thanks for the kind words above! Let me know who you are - drop me a line. Now, let's hope some Andy Sturmer material finds its way into our lives, right? :-D

Bruce Brodeen said...

An addition to the comment above - I would classify this release as sounding more like Crowded House than Jellyfish. There are a few very Jelly-like tunes but the whole project is not a Jellyfest. But, yes, it's very Not Lamey. ;-) Other bands for the open minded Jelly fan I'd recommend would be: Paul Steel, Bryan Scary, Ness, Tiny Volcano, Secret Powers, Brad Brooks and The Merrymakers....well, there's a lot but that's a good place to begin!