Monday, June 15, 2009


Brandon Schott - Homegrown Recordings Vol. 5

Brandon Schott - Homegrown Recordings
Vol. 5 - Dear Someone

Alright, Too Poppiers. Now is the time to tell your friends, families, colleagues, children, and pets about Mr. Brandon Schott. Go on. Give them this link. Give them all the freebies we've been delivering all year while they're still free. Download the albums. C'mon. Go to Facebook, Twitter, Usenet, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr. I don't care. Just tell somebody. I never ask anything of you. That's your one job today. Thank you. Now enjoy the latest Homegrown Recording - a beautiful cover and a preview of one of the fine tunes from his upcoming album...
First of all, sorry for the delay in this month's delivery - the homegrown stork got crazy buzzed on pixie sticks and flew circles around it's targeted release date. He's passed out in the bathtub with a bad bad headache, clutching a thermos of chamomile tea and is now sleeping it off (he'll be fine). Speaking of storks, it seems that this is the month for many friends and family of mine to be reproducing and having them babies (YAY!), so I thought it would be appropriate to offer up another quiet piece from my un-finished lullaby project. I hereby present to you, faithful downloaders, my version of the amazing Gillian Welch song "DEAR SOMEONE". The guitar and vocal were recorded live in my friend Jake SImpson's bathroom, with a few dreamy overdubs added later for good measure. Much love to you and yours, and yay again for them babies! Until next month, all my love and pleasant dreams...

MP3: Brandon Schott - Dear Someone
Video: Brandon Schott - All Will Be Well


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