Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Million Bright Ambassadors of Morning

Paste Magazine is in trouble and they're asking decent music fans like us to help. The economy is hitting the magazine industry hard because advertisers are cutting budgets and Paste - despite its awesomeness at times - is no exception. Here's what you can do:

Even the smallest contribution can make a difference to us-- as a thank you, we're offering rare and exclusive tracks that have been contributed by artists responding to our campaign. We're also giving away some prizes through a drawing of all donors of $25+ dollars.

Donating isn't the only way you can help us out: post this link on Facebook, Tweet it with #savepaste, email your friends, renew your subscriptions or gift them to others. Whatever you can do, we will sincerely appreciate.
Artists featured include Matthew Sweet, Ben Folds, The Jayhawks, Liam Finn, Bob Mould, Duncan Sheik, and many others. Most intriguing to me is a live cover of Pink Floyd's 20+ minute epic Echoes by the Decemberists. Preview the tunes here.

This is certainly a most unusual request by a magazine, but I think they're one of the good ones. Best of luck to Paste and I hope you can support them.

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