Thursday, April 02, 2009

We Gotta Make It Happen

Wow, it's nice to stumble upon stuff like this. Too Poppy favorite and power pop staple The Candyskins have a (very sparse) Facebook page with 4 unreleased songs - Get A Lot Done, Make It Happen, I Remember You, Stars Shine. Listen here.

It's nice to hear their distinctive sound again as it has been awhile for me. This means I'll be listening on the way home today.

Too Poppy Must-Have Album: The Space I'm In
Too Poppy Must-Have Song (if you don't buy the album): I Never Will Forget You


Related: Mark Cope from The Candyskins also has a 'new' band - Nine Stone Cowboy. While I haven't had a chance to listen to more than a handful of 30 second clips in iTunes, they at least seem to have the same 'feel' as The Candyskins. The vocals are certainly familiar.

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