Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Get Whatever I Need

In the 90s I saw Garbage open up for Smashing Pumpkins. Garbage was as tight and competent live as they are on disc and Shirley Manson was dead sexy. I could have done without Billy Corgan's masturbatory guitar work throughout the Pumpkins' overlong performance, but it was nice to see them at their peak.

Metric - FantasiesI reminisce because I guess today is retro day in the new release bin. Metric releases Fantasies, which includes Help, I'm Alive - an incredibly catchy tune that successfully straddles the line between Garbage and Breeders and would have been right at home on any 90s alt-pop radio station (like my 107dot5 in Des Moines). Likewise, Silversun Pickups obsess over Smashing Pumpkins with Swoon. If you're looking to take yourself back a decade or so, these new releases might be for you.

Want to go back even further? Simon & Garfunkel release Live 1969, which is chockfull of some of their best tunes (I Am a Rock, For Emily Whenever I May Find Her, The Boxer, Kathy's Song). Something for every retro taste today!

Metric - Fantasies (iTunes / Amazon)
Silversun Pickups - Swoon (iTunes / Amazon)
Simon & Garfunkel - Live 1969 (iTunes / Amazon)

Crap, now I'm broke.

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