Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Vol. 2: "Out of My Hands"Brandon Schott - Homegrown Recordings Vol. 2

OUT OF MY HANDS dates back to the Golden State era, recorded live in a living room February 2006 with my friends and fellow songwriters Jared Woods and Andrew Norsworthy. Andrew and Jared are based out of Ankorage, AK and breezed through LA for only a few days while on tour. After playing a show together at Room 5, I planted the seed that we convene the following night at my friend Jason Wormer's home in Los Feliz (where we tracked most of Golden State) for a little old-school/Laurel Canyon aesthetic. Thankfully, they said yes. After a few run throughs and some last minute lyric tweaks, there we were: three guitars, three vocals facing each other in a circle playing a song I'd only written a few days prior.

In an age of digital cut and paste it was a really beautiful way to spend an evening with my talented friends, making music and memories in real time. Special thanks again to Jared and Andrew for taking the time to grace my song, and to Jason for capturing it all.

See you guys next month, and thanks as always for your support!
MP3: Brandon Schott - Out of My Hands (artwork)
Video: Brandon Schott - Wake Up, Mary (via YouTube)

No offense to my friends, but when we get together we usually just drink beer and talk about other people's creations. We don't create anything ourselves let alone a beautiful tune like Out of My Hands. Thank you, Mr. Schott - another fine accomplishment. Can't wait for April's Homegrown Recording.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Tuesdays rule! Thank you Brandon Schott! And Thanks Too Poppy! - A happy blog goer

Anonymous said...

Cool idea, Brandon. Sweet harmonies, man. Love the live vibe. Well done, bro.