Sunday, February 08, 2009

Can't You Comprehend the Magnitude?

Wisely has a new live album called Tokyo Doki-Doki recorded in Paducah Tokyo and you can get it for as low as $.99! That's 99 cents, people. Go here and do it. Then go see him live whenever you have the opportunity. It's a good thing.

Wisely - Tokyo Doki-Doki01. Altitudes
02. Flowers For The Lady
03. Who Blew Out The Sun?
04. Ella
05. Drink Up
06. Do You Know The Way To
San Jose?
07. Tokyo Arbor
08. Erase Me
09. On My Way
10. Cut Your Groove
11. My Complicated Friend
12. Cracked World View
13. Lady Of Love
14. Vagabond
15. This Is Everything
16. Raincan
17. Cannot Love You Enough
18. Duration
19. National Council of
Jewish Women's Thrift

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Anonymous said...

I just wet my pants - again.