Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's Getting More Impossible to Keep a Straight Face

Blue October's new album, Approaching Normal, will hit stores 3/24 - and they're going GLOBAL:

"It's real exciting because the last record (2006's platinum 'Foiled') did real well here (in the U.S.) and just never really got that chance (in Europe). One thing we all said was, 'Man, the next record, we've got to go global,' so right off the bat as part of our campaign we'll go over and start making a splash overseas."
Ok. As for the sound:
Noveskey says the dynamic range of the album is more "dramatic-slash-theatrical" than its predecessors and spans "from the saddest, most depressing moments to the happiest, most joyful moments we've ever done." "Approaching Normal" includes studio versions of older fan favorites such as "Kangaroo Cry" and "Graceful Dancing" and will also come out in explicit and "clean" versions, each containing a different bonus track.
Ok. I've yet to explore the Blue October sound, but Way2Poppy digs it. Their quotes and photo at, though, left me a bit irritated in a Rob-Thomas-trying-too-fucking-hard kinda way. Maybe I'm just ready for this year to end, who knows.

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