Monday, October 13, 2008

Where Are You Now?

Colin DevlinI love when Popdose digs up an album or artist that I have assumed nobody appreciates nearly as much as I do. They've done it again today with The Devlins, this time featuring their excellent debut album Drift. Of course there's no mention of my favorite, Someone to Talk To, but the rest of the album holds up incredibly well to this day. This was one of my favorite albums to listen to as the sun set while driving that 5-hour strip of I-80 between Des Moines and Chicago in college. For some reason, it just seemed like the right fit as I recovered from two weeks of finals.

Rather than reminiscing, though, I was most interested in future plans: a solo album to be released sometime this year and a new Devlins album next year! Excellent.

Now, singer Colin Devlin strikes out on his own with a warm, intimate album of personal reflections helmed by superproducer Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright) ...
While The Devlins’ atmospheric grooves consistently transcended both genre and era, Democracy of One takes Colin Devlin’s reputation for erudite simplicity to another level. Devlin’s new songs explore the language of a seasoned songwriter both lyrically and sonically: lush arrangements play out like beautifully-choreographed battles between the inner self and the world outside, as that voice – part raspy speak-singing, part unpolished tenor – mingles with the surrounding guitar, piano and strings to reveal untold emotional nuances.
It reads beautifully and judging by the samples on HisSpace, the songs will live up to that description. I really appreciate Marchand's moody production. Can't wait to hear it all.

The Devlins at iTunes (can't find Drift, though, which seems to be out of print and not online)

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