Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keeping company with this disaster

It was five years ago yesterday that Too Poppy favorite Elliott Smith died. The circumstances behind his death are still unresolved and the music world is less one talent. LAist has an interesting article which for me anyway gives an interesting perspective. If you're not familiar with his work, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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2poppy said...

Great article. I never knew about his Ferdinand tattoo - that was the first book my son ever checked out of the library. Quite random.

It's an anniversary I'd rather forget - and did. I'm a bit shocked I haven't seen more about it out here. He first blew me away with Angeles. Either/Or is a near perfect album. The Good Will Hunting soundtrack was our generation's Graduate. Even his first posthumous and unfinished album From a Basement on a Hill is utterly fantastic.

A huge loss.