Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've Got Blisters On My Fingers!

Yay! It's official - The Beatles will be featured on Rockband sometime in late 2009. I wish it were closer, but that will give me time to save some money to buy it. Very cool. No more air guitar for me. Details at Electronista.


UPDATE: Billboard notes it's based on the Rock Band platform but will not be branded as Rock Band. Further confirmation of this at IGN.

BTW: Jeff Jones, Apple Corps chief executive said of digital distribution of The Beatles' catalog, "All I can say is that we're still working out the details, we have no announcement to make, no date or any information."


2poppy said...

Wowsers. I have very conflicting feelings about this, but good for them for entering the 21st century.

Of course, this likely means no digital release until then, don't you think?

Can't wait to see my son play Helter Skelter.

JKonfrst said...

So we can play it on Rock Band, but we still can't download songs by the Beatles? Or can we now?