Monday, October 06, 2008

But I've Nothing More To Say To You So Please Don't Ever Ask

Not one to shy away from new music, I checked out Emma Pollock based on a suggestion toopopper "Warren in PHX" left on my Lenka post.

And what a great suggestion it was. I loved the entire album instantly. And that doesn't really happen too often for me. The album is more sophisticated than Lenka and even closer to The Sundays. But chock full of female-beatley-jellyfishesque-toopoppy goodness.

Buy instead of a gumball: Paper & Glue
Buy instead of a bitter Starbucks coffee: Paper & Glue, Adrenaline, Acid Test, Here Comes the Heartbreak
Buy instead of a fast food lunch: The whole album

Her voice does remind me of another artist which I can't quite place. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments. At first I thought it was Box The Walls lead singer Wendie Colter, but I don't think that's it.

BTW, speaking of Box The Walls/Wendie Colter, I discovered that she had a solo album, Payday, released in 1999. I'll be listening to that and reporting back. If you're not familiar with Box The Walls, check 'em out. Unfortunately, you can't find 'em on iTunes, but maybe your local used CD shop(do they still have those?) has one.

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Anonymous said...


Good luck on finding out who her voice reminds you of. I'm curious myself, since Ms. Pollock's voice is fantastic.

I consider her to be the McCartney to Alun Woodward's Lennon, and there's plenty more Emma-dominated songs in the Delgados' catalog. She and Mr. Woodward traded off just like John and Paul on the Delgados' stuff.

I've been geeked recently 'cuz I ordered (but haven't received) Emma's singles on vinyl.

-Warren in PHX