Sunday, September 07, 2008

Save Time For Me

I've written a lot about Matthew Sweet and Ben Folds lately (naturally because they both have new albums and they both epitomize too poppiness,) so here's a twofer:

Matthew blogs about the value of albums.

Ben makes videos for new songs:


Anonymous said...

Matthew Sweet really nailed the "album" and what it meant back in the day. That is the one thing I miss. Now that 99% of the music I buy is off of iTunes, I don't get the chance to sit down with the jewel box in my hand, reading the booklet, looking at the lyrics, the artwork, etc. And I am old enough to remember vinyl albums and the significance of holding that cardboard jacket.

Anonymous said...

It's always been about "the album" for me. Even though I'm only 25, I have always cared deeply for the "album" experience and, in general, stay away from downloads. I only download when it's the only way to hear something. I like to hold the album, to look at the artwork, etc... I love the recent revival of popularity in LP records, as most of the new albums I like are being issued on LP and CD simultaneously.

I love the warm sound of vinyl. GREAT stuff. I was happy as can be when I found out that "Sunshine Lies" was coming out on vinyl. I hope he keeps doing that with his future albums.

Anonymous said...

Here are some more Matthew Sweet tour dates:

Nov 1, 2008 7:00P:
The Madison: Covington, Kentucky

Nov 5 2008, 7:00P
8X10: Baltimore, Maryland

Nov 6 2008, 7:00P
The Trocadero: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nov 7 2008, 7:00P
Cat’s Cradle: Carrboro, North Carolina

Nov 8 2008, 7:00P
40 Watt: Athens, Georgia

Nov 9 2008, 7:00P
3rd & Lindsley: Nashville, Tennessee

Nov 19 2008, 7:00P
Great American Music Hall: San Francisco, California

Nov 26 2008, 8:00P
El Rey: Los Angeles, California