Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight

Paul McCartney is releasing another CD under his Youth-collaborative moniker Fireman. Honestly, despite how huge a Macca fan I am, I do not own the other two albums, which have been fairly difficult to find. The original Strawberry Oceans Ships Forest is now available on iTunes, though. The sophomore release Rushes - not so much. This new one called Electric Arguments - due for release on 11/17 - will be different; and I very much like where this is going:

The new album features more traditional songwriting, including classic rock and acoustic tracks, "yet is in keeping with the genre-hopping spirit of the first two the Fireman albums," according to a statement. One track, "Lifelong Passion," was donated to the charity Adopt-A-Minefield as download for those making donations.
Whereas the first two releases were ambient dance, this one seems to be a bit more in line with his other music. In other words, I feel as though I should treat this as a new legitimate McCartney release with the added bonus of some creative freedom to allow him to let loose a bit. Very interested in hearing it. Songs:
"Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight"
"Two Magpies"
"Sing the Changes"
"Travelling Light"
"Light From Your Lighthouse"
"Sun Is Shining"
"Dance 'Til We're High"
"Lifelong Passion"
"Is This Love?"
"Lovers in a Dream"
"Universal Here, Everlasting Now"
"Don't Stop Running"
More here.

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