Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Birth of an Accident Grew to a Spectacle

Set your TiVos, because this is about as close to a reunion as you'll be getting any time soon.
Whoa. This is Roger Joseph Manning Jr. talking about Jellyfish. Specifically, he and Jason Falkner will be backing up Glen Campbell on Jay Leno tonight! That is half the original Jellyfish lineup in case you were wondering. I think it's pretty cool we'll be able to watch them tonight, but as a Jellyfish nut, it's the "any time soon" that really caught my attention. I've never once believed they'd ever reunite and I pretty much still feel that way, but "any time soon" is just the slight opening that any rabid fan needs to get the salivary glands working.


By the way, Campbell's new album Meet Glen Campbell features Glen covering artists that range from John Lennon and Tom Petty to Travis and Green Day. Cash in or reinvention? That's a matter of personal opinion. Interesting if not original project, though. Manning and Falkner both perform on the album hence the Leno performance tonight.

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