Friday, August 15, 2008

We Give You Everything You Ever Dreamed Of

Oasis has had quite an elaborate online presence for a number of years rivaled by only a few others (like U2 for example.) In anticipation of their new album Dig Out Your Soul due October 7, they've revamped their website complete with Web 2.0 features. For more, click here.

Oasis - Dig Out Your SoulIn music news, they are releasing a limited edition box set version of the new album.

This amazing looking set contains four heavyweight 12" vinyl discs, two CDs, a DVD and hardback book all housed within an embossed hardback box. In fact this is the only way to get the album and the complete set of all 9 bonus songs, remixes and films that were recorded during the album sessions.
It is only available at their site and will set you back a not insignificant £50.00 - something for the best of fans. For more, click here.

Here's the "trailer" for the new album:

UPDATE: Stereogum has posted a YouTube leak of Shock of the Lightning, the first single. I agree: sounds like Oasis.

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