Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Remember That Night

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is releasing a live CD/DVD package on September 16 called Live in Gdansk.

"It was the most satisfying and enjoyable experience in my touring life," Gilmour reports. "I think on the last solo record ('About Face') I made back in '84, I was a bit nervous about the Pink Floyd thing and wanted to stay away from it, whereas most of what the Pink Floyd thing is is a sound that I love. On ('On An Island') I finally got to a place where I felt free from any pressure either way from that whole specter."

Gilmour re-affirms that these days "the thought of going back to Pink Floyd just doesn't interest me." But he doesn't yet have solid plans for his next recording venture, either.
Never did pick up On An Island. Any good?

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