Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm Never Wrong

Matthew Sweet - Sunshine LiesThis is not news to you hardcore fans of Matthew Sweet, but be sure to check out the excellent interview in Performing Songwriter's latest and the pre-order deal at Newbury Comics - autographed booklet anyone? Of course now that I ordered mine, I felt it was ok to share the news about this limited edition opportunity!

And if you haven't been able to sample any of the album - officially due out on August 26 - get ready for a hell of a way to end your summer. After spending weeks with the album, I'll take my gushing initial review of it even further by saying that overall, it's his best work since Girlfriend. This is top-shelf too poppy goodness here people so don't miss out. As the kids once said, "all killer, no filler."


Anonymous said...

"All killer; No filler" indeed. In my opinion, this is the best he's done. Period.

I'll probably do a technical review after a while, as I (as a musician myself) spend a lot of time picking albums apart and seeing what really makes them tick so that I may nick it. Ha!

Anyway, It's a fantastic album. I can't wait until I get my vinyl so I can hear the other three tracks (I don't count "Badass" because I've heard it already).

So far for me, I can't pick any one BEST track... and that's a good sign!

Anonymous said...

Here's an awesome acoustic performance of Byrdgirl: