Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Did You Want To Be In Love?

Keane's new album is called Perfect Symmetry and will be in stores October 13. They are offering the first single Spiralling free at their site until August 11 and via paid download at most online services come August 12. So get it now.

The track features a woozy, New Wave synth groove, a repeated, Cure-style shouted "ooo" and a sternly delivered list of questions from vocalist Tom Chaplin: "Did you want to be a winner? Did you want to be an icon? Did you want to be famous? Did you want to be the President? Did you want to start a war? Did you want to have a family? Did you want to be in love?"
Sounds like Keane is branching out a bit. Jon Brion produced Perfect Symmetry, their third album, so it already has my attention.


MP3: Keane - Spiralling (via official site)

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