Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As If You Have a Choice

For some reason I feel as if Snow Patrol is a guilty pleasure, but I appreciate how honest they seem in their mainstream appeal. If ever a band was to be classified simply as Rock, Snow Patrol is it. Their last two albums became so ubiquitous that during one season, I'm pretty sure I heard Open Your Eyes in ER and Grey's Anatomy, and I don't even watch those shows. Run was featured as one of the first free single downloads on iTunes and I was immediately captured by the drama of it all - the likes of which (outside of U2) I had not really heard since Live. Selling the drama works.

Well, they're releasing a brand new album that is sure to soundtrack a year's worth of commercials and CW shows.

"Musically, lyrically and sonically the best record we've made," frontman Gary Lightbody says of the set, produced by longtime collaborator Garret "Jacknife" Lee.
A Hundred Million Suns comes out October 28.

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