Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When Love's Renewed Life Can Move Slow and Easy

Brandon Schott - Golden StatePopdose has a nice write-up of Brandon Schott's wonderful Golden State. The album has been on my mind mostly because of Brandon's recent single Carousel (revisited) - a welcome shot of new, well, Schott despite its origins on Golden State. Then I look back and realize it's been almost a year since I reviewed it!

We are now waist deep in the dog days of summer and I can't think of a better soundtrack. It sounds great anytime of year, but it's especially brilliant now. Golden State is synonymous with the feeling of late-day summer sun. Nobody in years has captured this better or more completely than Schott. Reward and nurture yourself this summer with one of my favorite albums of the past year.

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ournewsong said...

Carousel is repeatedly spinning through my iTunes