Friday, July 11, 2008

Looking Dumb In The Rain

At the last minute this week, I found out the Gin Blossoms where playing near me. Despite awful weather here in Atlanta, a shit sound system and rude ushers, the show was great.

They're touring with Soul Asylum and thankfully the Gin Blossoms played first. We had great seats (11th row). The turnout was disappointing - maybe a couple of hundred people, but the crowd was into it. Although I have to say the crowd was a bit eclectic. Young, middle, old, very old, pregnant (really, like 15 pregnant women - what is that all about?), a guy with really heinous plaid pants and so on. But 1/4 the reason you go to a concert is to people watch, right?

The concert was great if not a bit too short. They only played about an hour. They played what I wanted and expected to hear - Hey Jealousy, Allison Road, Til I Hear It From You, As Long As It Matters, Until I Fall Away, Follow You Down, Found Out About You. They played Learning The Hard Way and Let's Play Two from the new Major Lodge Victory. Not bad songs, but there are certainly better including my two favorites on that album, End Of The World or Jet Black Sunrise.

We skipped Soul Asylum. They're not bad, but there is really only so many times you can hear "Runaway Train" and I reached my quota years ago. :-)

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